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"COKI is committed to ensuring that individuals and institutions can have the options to meaningfully contribute to transforming Teaching and Learning in Africa."

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The Reasons For Action

Why We Exist?

Many children in Sub Saharan Africa are not in school, and female children constitute a higher proportion of them. The UNESCO institute of statistics recent reports shows that for every 5 children between the ages of 6-11, 1 child is not in school. This out of school number is also true for every 3 children between the ages of 12-14. 

These Numbers Below Challenge Us to Act!

30 m
Children are out of School in Sub-Saharan Africa according to SOS Children's Villages
37 m
Children are in school but not learning anything according to Brookings, a public policy Organization
89 %
of learners do not have access to household computer according to UNESCO

Our Strategy

To make a measurable difference in the lives of children who are in desperate need of help, whose future hangs in the balance, requires well-thought-out and intentional programs for intervention. Hence, COKI has developed a three-core pillar strategy for program implementation. 

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