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We’re a Virginia-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our vision is to be the premier institution for education reform in Africa. We are committed to using IT as the core tool to build a strong educational foundation for children in poverty-stricken countries across sub-Saharan Africa starting with Liberia










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Why Liberia First?

According to the World Population Review 2022, Liberia is the 8th poorest country in the world. Its recent past has been marred by decades of civil unrest, wars, and the infamous Ebola epidemic leaving the education system in utter ruin. The current COVID-19 crisis has even made the matter worse.  

These Numbers Below Challenge Us to Act!

105 m
Children are out of School in Africa in 2019 according to UNESCO Institute for Statistics 
37 m
Children are in school but not learning anything according to Brookings, a public policy Organization (2018)
89 %
of learners do not have access to household computer according to UNESCO

Why our Intervention is Crucial?

According to World Bank, Africa’s young population aged 3 to 24 will be 28% of the entire world’s young population by 2030 as compared to 17% in 2000. Yet, Africa has the poorest education system, the highest out-of-school children, the highest illiterate population,  and with the highest population of children in school but not learning anything. 

Imagine the implication for the rest of the world especially America if the situation remains beyond 2030 with such a huge population.

Our Strategy

To make a measurable difference in the lives of children who are in desperate need of help, whose future hangs in the balance, requires well-thought-out and intentional programs for intervention. Hence, COKI has developed a three-core pillar strategy for program implementation. 

A Three-Core Pillar Strategy

Our Development Project


Developing a one-stop shop school management system for liberian schools - weedor

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