Your Donations Are Very Important

How You can Give


We are very grateful for and appreciative of your generosity! Your donations are blessings indeed. We commit to make you an eyewitness to the change your donations bring in the lives of children in Africa.

COKI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN: 83-1443211). All donations to us are tax deductible; therefore, we will give you a receipt as soon as we get your donation and an acknowledgment of all donations over a year at its end. 

So, do consider a recurring donation.

Other Ways to Give

1. Raise Funds

You can fundraise for the organization using different means that is convenient for you. You can launch a goFunMe using Computer for Kids International as the beneficiary Nonprofit. You can also fundraise on Facebook. Or You can email us at

2. You can Volunteer

We always need people with expertise in building the organizational capacity, fundraising, social media marketing, primary & secondary education, teaching, and IT. You can volunteer to do a single project or join our team. You email us at

3. Provide Schlorship

We will select recipients according to the criteria you set. The scholarship will be named after you or someone you wish to honor. And it can be for just one student! You can email us at

4. Build a School

Gift 70% of the cost or materials to establish a school. We and the beneficiary communities will provide the remaining 30%; and operate the school. We will name it after you, or someone you wish to memorialize.  You can email us at