Our Team

COKI seeks to build an inclusive and diversified team of professional volunteers at every level of its operation. We will highly appreciate you joining our team of volunteers to enable us to achieve this goal. Notably, members of our team have several years of experiences in social, humanity and professional fields. Besides, these Members have the commitment, passion, qualification and professional experience to successfully lead the strategic direction of the corporation. Click on each photo to learn more about each member of the board of directors of Computer for Kids International. To join our team of volunteers today, click here to contact us.

Our Board of Directors

Vickie V. Marsh - President

Massa Kollie - Treasurer

Donald Teiser - Member

Eddie Jarwolo - Member

Our Management Team

Maitta Sherman-Jallah

Program Director, Liberia

Joseph B. Dorbor

Founder and Executive Director

Ambulah Mamey

Program Director

J. Akoi Dorbor

Country Director, Liberia

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